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From two piece sets to cardigans and dresses, Maddyseams offers her customers 1 of 1 pieces that catch the eye. Read our full piece on her brand in ‘The Open House magazine’, and check out her website to get your hands on one of their sought after pieces.

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The authenticity of a brand is often a determiner in their immediate short term success, and this, in part, offers us an explanation for the enterprising rise of Maddy Seamark.


The simplicity of her branding, ‘Maddy Seamark studio’, epitomises the intent she has to sew her own authentic taste into the fabric of a brand that has originality at its core.

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Whilst this originality has set the foundation for its development, it is Maddys’ ability to turn pre-loved clothing into bespoke pieces that has allowed the business to build to where it is today. 

The combination of these factors has driven Maddyseams forward, propelling it to impressive heights with products flying off the shelf (a shelf in her bedroom no doubt) and landing overseas in locations as far out as California and Japan.