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Who are Passenger Outfitters?

Located in the heart of Northampton and founded by siblings Alex, Nina and Lawrenze, Passenger Outfitters brings a contemporary taste in fashion to a town that had not long lost its clothing heartbeat.

Following the sad loss of beloved ‘Driver’ owner Steve, and the subsequent closure of his store, Northampton was left vacant of a shop specialising in men’s sustainable streetwear. 

As a close friend to Steve and someone who was taught a lot about the industry by him, Lawrenze sought out the opportunity to not only fill a newly found gap in the market within the Northampton highstreets, but also to continue to shine the light that Driver had emitted for so many years in this town; a light that now burns bright in its own right in the form of Passengers.

Aided by his time working in Driver, as well as Ninas past experience in retail, the trio have dodged every bullet that has come their way, and now they are the ones shooting to the top. With aspirations of expansion and possible nation wide stores, Passengers really are sailing for success and so are the three steering the ship.

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Who do they stock?

Whilst stocking an array of notable streetwear brands, namely Obey, Parlez, Brixton, WAWWA, Huf and Penfield to name a few, they are also producing their own clothing in the form of NN3 clothing. Selling pieces made collaboratively with local artists, and sold exclusively in store, this highlights yet another example of the exciting steps Alex, Nina and Lawrenze are taking in order to stamp their foot down on a competitive fashion industry.

Be sure to pop in to the store to see the pieces on offer by NN3 clothing, or to browse the multitude of other branded pieces they house in store. A shop built from humble beginnings and destined for success, it can be fair to say that Passenger Outfitters have filled their identified gap in the market, and are ready to make the space their own.

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Passenger Outfitters x The Open House

The Open House are extremely excited to announce that the Passenger Outfitters will become our first official stockist, making our clothes available to purchase in store. We would like to thank Passenger Outfitters wholeheartedly for allowing us to join them on their journey and showcase our clothing to the Northampton community.

The future is incredibly bright for this partnership.

This is just the beginning.


Opening Hours

Sat - 10am – 6pm
Sun - 11am – 4pm
Mon - Closed
Tue - Closed
Wed - 10am – 6pm
Thu - 10am – 6pm
Fri - 10am – 6pm